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Remote Support You can resolve issues or handle tasks in real-time
by sharing screens using ECOUNT's remote support service.

Easily connect to remote PC

  • Share the connection URL for remote access just by
    clicking the URL copy button.
  • Instantly connect to the remote PC by inputting the
    automatically generated number.
Easily connect to remote PC

Shared screen setting

  • Screen sizeAdjust the remote PC's screen size to a comfortable size.

    Screen size
  • Screen qualitySelect the screen quality according to the PC spec. and network status.

    Screen quality

Remote PC control features

  • Reboot the remote PC, and the connection will automatically
    be resumed after restarting.
  • Open the Windows Explorer or execute the Windows Start
    Key from the remote control screen.
Remote PC control features

Real-time communication

  • Communicate through the chat function during
    remote support.
  • Screenshot and save the remote control screen.
Real-time communication