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Accounting Software For Accounting Managers

Real-Time Reports for the Best Internal Management

Person in charge of a company's accounting structure should know all about the fund status, whether it be from A/R to A/P.
With ECOUNT, a smart accounting software, any kind of data you wish to see can be brought right in front of your eyes in seconds of time.

Real-Time Data Checkups

ECOUNT can be used anytime, anywhere in the world just with simple access to internet.
Ranging from sales to purchases, each PIC can input and create relavant data, and PIC for accounting can check general money flow within the company.

No Need to Create Reports

Only input data about your sales and how much you have received from each customers, it will all be reflected in various reports.
From monthly income statement, balance sheet to fund statement, you do not need to go through the hassel of creating up-to-date reports for your company.

No Extra Cost for Additional User IDs

Accounting softwares may require extra costs for every additional user ID, which allows only limited number of people to use the program.
ECOUNT, not only the general users, but also users from each different department can have their unique IDs registered so that it is easier to share input data around.

The Easiest Accounting Software in the Philippines

Tracking Fund Flow Easily

Money in/out and corporate credit card usage data can be retrieved and input easily into ECOUNT.
You do not need to check transaction by transaction and all data would be in the system for you to create slips without making mistakes.
This can reduce the overall input time.

Easy But Accurate

  • Easy Data Entry
    ECOUNT accounting software makes it easy to input any kind of accounting slips.
    You only need to input customer/vendor and the amount for ECOUNT to create you a slip that will be applied to all your accounting books.
    Even those who do not have sufficient knowledge in accounting can make inputs and avoids passing information for someone else to do it for them which increases accuracy.
  • Confirmation Step for Accounting Department
    Keeping a neat accounting book doesn't just stop at inputting raw data in to the software.
    It is only effective when an accounting departement approves what has been input.
    The accounting department inputting raw data will be lightened since all they have to do is approve and confirm which makes various accounting reports and books.
    With the slip confirmation function of our accounting software, apply approval process to your accounting data processing.
Easy But Accurate

Detailed Accounting Management

Accounting Management by Department/Project

You must be able to check your data by each department and/or project if you have many different stores, locations and sites.
With ECOUNT accounting software, you can split these multiple sites and location with project function.
This can help you check your overall accounting books by department and project.

Site Management for Construction Companies

Managing books by sites is the most crucial thing when it comes to managing for construction companies.
ECOUNT accounting software can differentiate each site from one another and allows you to view and search accounting reports on each site or as a whole.
You can check profit and loss and expenses that have been input by each site.