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Item Management Input item's various information such as specification, unit, type, etc. to categorize and manage effectively.

Manage various item information

  • Add customized fields to manage item information and other details such as quantity, price, cost, etc. when registering an item.
  • Add desired item information like the image, item group, vendor, etc. to the item list to see these details at a glance.
  • Register manufacturer, model, color, etc. as a subgroup to easily search according to the group when entering or viewing a slip.
Manage various item information

View the inventory details by item at a glance

  • Check the receive and release details such as the sales, purchase, production of the inventory based on the item.
  • Viewing the inventory balance of each item and history, inputting sales and purchases can be done in one screen
    without moving to another.
  • Customize the templates of the invoice or inventory book to show additional information of the item.
View the inventory details by item at a glance

Automatically send the sales status and inventory reports

  • Receive a notification of the sales status and inventory balance that fits the item condition in a report format.
  • Set various conditions like customer/vendor, location, quantity, price, amount, etc. to check the details immediately.