Would you like to visit another country's site?

Web-based ECOUNT is a 100% web-based program allowing you to
check the data and share your work regardless of time and place.

100% web-based; use whenever, wherever

  • Work with ECOUNT both inside and outside of the country just with internet connection.
  • Check the necessary data like the customer/vendor and item information even outside of the company through the mobile app.
  • All users with the correct authorization setting can view the updated data without going through the trouble of forwarding the files.

Use on any type of device

  • Use on any type of device like the PC, laptop,
    tablet, mobile, etc.
  • ECOUNT is not an on-premise program and does
    not require high computer specifications.
  • Tasks can be completed outside of the company
    through the ECOUNT App for free.
Use on any type of device

Quick implementation, instant usage

  • Possess most functions

    Possess most functions

    There is no need for additional development and establishment process since it includes most functions that a company needs.

  • Immediate deployment

    Immediate deployment

    Use the program as soon as the decision for implementation is made since it does not require installation.

  • Less worry on data management

    Less worry on data management

    No additional installation is needed for feature updates and the data will still be maintained even when the PC is reset.

Data security

  • All data entered will be saved on ECOUNT's secured
    server instead of personal PC, own server, USB.
  • ECOUNT server is saved on Amazon Web
    Service(AWS) which blocks and protects the data
    from external threats and data leaks.
  • Entered data will not be lost even when the PC is
    infected with virus or is formatted.
  • Data is encrypted and backed up daily to prevent
    unauthorized parties from decrypting.
Data security