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After Sales (A/S) Management Detail the progress stages and repair types for A/S management,
and analyze A/S history through various reports, including repair order status and repair status.

A/S order function

  • Import sales details to enter repair order.
  • Scan the barcode of the item that needs to
    be repaired to enter repair order.
  • Serial/Lot No. can be linked when entering
    repair order.
  • Issue a filing receipt to the customer.
A/S order function

Setting detailed functions
according to the company's
A/S workflow

  • Add necessary fields other than the basic repair order
  • Register the repair type and progress status that is
    currently being used by the company.
  • Manage the inventory of parts used in the repair and
    the costs to be billed for out-of-warranty repairs.
Setting detalied functions according to the company's A/S workflow

A/S data analysis

  • Manage A/S repair details by repair type and progress status.
  • Generate invoices for items used during A/S.
  • View and analyze A/S history through the reports such as
    repair order status and repair.
A/S data analysis