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Payroll Manager

Payroll Will Become Much Easier

A Payroll Book that Contains Our Companies Earnings/Deductions Details

ECOUNT will calculate basic deductions based on deduction settings, and earnings and deduction fields for each company can be set for use.
Overtime labor and weekend labor can also be calculated as earnings to be added on to monthly salary.

Easy to Send Payroll Slip by Individual

As soon as a payroll book is created, individual payroll slips are created automatically.
To each one of your employees you can choose to send it in printed paper form or by email. Email will allow you to send it all at once.
In addition, an online payroll system(UserPay) is offered free of charge, so each individual can log in to view their own payroll details.

Easy to Send Payroll Slip by Individual

Payroll System for Employees, Online Payroll System(UserPay)

Checking Salary
Online Payroll System(UserPay) is provided free of charge so that individual workers can send their own payroll history.
They will log in by using their unique employee number given by the company to view and print their own payroll details.
Payroll manager at a company would not need to handout payroll slips to each individuals.

Payroll Book Linkage With Accounting Book

To apply payroll details into the accounting books and reports, you do not need to manually calculate the amount to create a slip.
When creating accounting slips for payroll, you can pull finalized payroll books and ECOUNT will journalize everything for you. All you need to do is 'save'.