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Managing Franchise Has Never Been Easier

Integrated Management Solution That Can Be Used At All Franshise Companies

Since ECOUNT is 100% Web-based, it can be used in any form of stores and marketplaces, by using PC, tablet and mobile.
There will not be any additional cost to adding user IDs and there is no limit to this number.
You can manage the whole stores and shops by using ECOUNT and from the headquarter's point of view, sales performances by store can be easily checked.

Free Online Ordering System

With ECOUNT, you do not need to send an email to the headquarters to input sales orders.
Just simply log into CS Portal where you can input and create your sales order.
There is no limit to the number of user IDs that can be created which enables unlimited number of stores to use this function.
For every sales order each shop creates, it is readily applied to the main ERP where the PIC can check and create a sales slip later on.

Free Online Ordering System

Real-Time Sharing

Sales amount, receivables amount and remaining balance are all shown at once.
You can send the transaction details by email.
Sales order that you have received can be checked in real time, online.

Real-Time Inventory Balance

For every sales(stock-out) transaction you create, it will affect each location's inventory balance in real time.
Headquarters can check each shop's real time inventory,
and shops can limit access to viewing the inventory balance of their location only with each ID's authorization settings.

Managing Each Store's Unit Price

You can create multiple price settings for each different franchise/stores.
Because the unit price that is specifically applied to each stores will be shown,
even if you have a wide range of unit price, it will only allow for the accessible price to be shown.

Automatic Calculation of Purchase Quantity

Based on the sales order you receive, you can calculate and see for yourself how many are needed for selling out.
Since purchase order quantity can be automatically calculated based on current balance and future in/out quantity,
you can utilize this figure later on when creating purchase order to give to your vendors.