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e-Approval You can reduce duplicate tasks and enhance work efficiency
by utilizing the e-Approval system that is integrated with the ERP.

Integration of e-Approval and ERP

  • Import ERP slips such as payment journals, quotations, and time sheets to submit for e-Approval.
  • The details on the slips that are attached to the draft will automatically be reflected in the ERP once approval is complete.

Draft template setup

  • Register the template already being used by the company as a common template.
  • Load the template registered as a common template when drafting an approval.
  • Specify the approval method and approval line according to documents/situations.
  • Approve using the registered company logo or personal e-signature.
Draft template setup

Real-time e-Approval

  • Send notification to the approver while submitting an
    approval through messages, mobile push alerts, etc.
  • Monitor the progress of the approval.
  • Approve using the mobile app even outside of the office.
Real-time e-Approval