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Human Resource Management With ECOUNT, you can digitize all human resource tasks
without the need to manage employee profile on paper documents.

Digitization of human resource tasks

  • Input and manage necessary details for human resource management, such as position, title, employment type, qualifications, etc.
  • Customize various employee profile fields according to the company's needs and view or print by employee or department.
  • Employee Profile

    Record employee information such as title, position, work experience, etc.

  • Certificate

    Issue certificates related to the personnel.

  • Reassignment

    Record reassignment details.

  • Employee Status

    Check the status of new hires and resignations by certain period of time.

Easily issue various certificates,
including employment certificate

  • Generate and print various certificates by just selecting the type
    of certificate and employee.
  • Add and use the company's own unique template and seal.
Easily issue various certificates, including employment certificate

Organization chart management

  • Register and view the company organizational chart.
  • Designate department managers (heads) to be displayed.
  • Also check the personnel information such as title, position, contact number,
    email, photo, etc. on the organizational chart.
Organization chart management

Trusted security system

  • All information recorded in ECOUNT is stored
    on Amazon Web Services (AWS) renowned for
    the world's highest security standards.
  • Restrict access to personnel information by
    setting authorization by ID.
  • Click the button below to read more on the
    security policy and system of ECOUNT.
Trusted security system