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On-Boarding Services

2 Training Sessions for On-boarding

  • Training is held for 2 hours per session.
  • Get 2 free online training sessions upon subscription.
  • Get 1 additional free training session when you start with an annual subscription.
    • The additional session can be done on-site in the customer's office if it is within 1 hour from our Makati office.
    • This is provided online if customer's office is beyond 1 hour travel time.

Online Training Service

To help customers settle in with the program, 2 online training sessions are provided free of charge. Depending on your company's workflow, individual sessions take approximately 1~2 hours.

  • 1st Training Session

    • Review the company overall business flow and confirm program requirements.
    • Configure options according to workflows.
    • Show examples of registering basic data required to begin using the program.
    • Demonstrate how to use the main functionalities.
  • 2nd Training Session

    • Typically conducted after the first 1-2 months of using the program.
    • Discuss and resolve any issues that may arise during initial use of the program.
    • Review data registration and main functionalities.

How to use Training Sessions to Enhance Training Efficiency

  • Each employees can prepare in advance for their respective tasks through video tutorials before the training.
  • 1st training focuses on ERP function explanation.
  • After the training, the customer usually takes 2~3 weeks to adapt to the new system.
  • 2nd training is done in Q&A format to resolve users' inquiries.