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CRM : Customer Relationship Management By using ECOUNT CRM, you can easily register and track customer information as well as consultation and sales history.

Customer information management

  • Register customer/vendor or client information.
  • Register business cards and search for cards that meet the specific criteria.
  • Send emails using the registered information.
  • Specify employees who can access customer information.
  • Bulk upload large amounts of customer information by integrating with Excel.
Customer information management

Customer/vendor history

  • Manage customer consultation history and contract
    progress status.
  • Retrieve and analyze customer data based on different time
    periods and conditions.
  • Customize input fields in the board according to the business
    environment, to input all necessary information.
  • Manage all stages, from pre-contract negotiations with
    customer/vendor to orders and sales, in one place.
Customer/vendor history management